Where is my Daddy now? A visit to the cemetery
Foreword written by Linda R. Ayers MN ARNP BC, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Family Therapist

It is with honor and respect that I introduce this book on childhood PTSD related to military tragedies.

I have been a family therapist for almost 40 years and have been privileged to share in the healing process of both military personnel themselves and family members of military personnel.

The multi-dimensional trauma of military-related PTSD is beginning to come to light for understanding, compassion, and healing. It is a slow process that has been impeded by reluctance to see and define the trauma in the first place, and a slow-to-develop process of recognizing the extent of the trauma and how to treat both the military individual themselves and the family members who love them. One of the least understood and most frequently neglected aspects in this identification and healing process is the impact on children who are affected and in turn have their own PTSD reaction.

As Marcia and Phil opened themselves up to the need and depth of their own healing from the tragic loss of their son John M. LaBossiere, they expanded their recognition of trauma and the need for healing with their grandchildren.

This beautiful story – written from the eyes of their granddaughter Marylou, is a precious gift to the world, to other service families, and in particular to other children so profoundly affected by the tragedy and loss of a beloved family member. It is a precious gift to the healing process of PTSD in children. Thank you for this gift, Marcia and Phil.
Linda Ayers

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