About the Book

This little girl’s Daddy was deployed to Iraq three different times between 2002-2009.  He suffered from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and refused to get help.  He saw it as weakness.  As he saw his marriage failing and his life spinning out of control he finally decided to call the Veterans Affairs for help.  The wait list was six weeks long.  When asked if it was an emergency, he said no. It was hard for him to make that call in the first place; he couldn’t admit that he was that desperate too.

This story is all too common.  The statistics show that we have lost more servicemen and women on our own soil after returning stateside than in combat.  We want people to understand that PTSD is not just a military issue and that not all who experience trauma will have PTSD. But it often does not go away without the help of a trained counselor.

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